Spring Flower Vintage Truck Magnetic Needle Minder

$13.00 USD

Spring is here and that means lots of flowers! This Spring Flower Vintage Truck needle minder is full of flowers and all ready for the Flower Market! It even has a little Flower Basket Quilt Square on the door. It's perfect for Spring - or any time of year!

This needle minder will keep your needle easy to find during your embroidery, cross stitch, and needlework projects. It also works great with paper piecing projects. Just place the needle minder on the front of your paper piecing and the magnet on the back. Easy peasy!

The Needle Minder has a strong magnet set attached to the back that allows you to hold the minder to your stitching without causing any problems with your materials. Place the cute enamel side on the front of your fabric and the loose magnet on the backside of the fabric. All you have to do is place your needle on the minder and the magnet holds it in place! No more putting your needle through your fabric and leaving extra holes, or worrying about dropping it.

This Flower Truck needle minder is 1 1/2" wide so it works great even on a small embroidery project.